Most of people want to wear suitable dresses, but everyone has different body shape, and it is difficult for all people to choose suitable dresses, especially for those tall ladies. Therefore, you can choose to customize dress and you should pay attention to lots of things.

Firstly, you need to make good preparation before your measurement. For example, you can add chest pad before your measurement or add chest pads to your dresses. Also, you should wear heels to help you measure the length of the dresses correctly.

Secondly, accuracy of the measurement is very important, and your breath should be natural without breathing deeply. Dresses made for you should not be too tight, or you will be not comfortable and have the risk of damaging the dresses.

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Thirdly, price of the dresses are relative to the fabric of the dresses, if you wear dresses frequently, you can customize more expensive dresses according to your own situations.

Fourthly, styles of the dresses should be classic and never be outdated. You can communicate with the designer of some details, and you can change your requirements, you also need to tell the designers which kind of bras you wear.

In short, details of customize affordable formal dresses plus size should be good, and you should arrange your time well and control your body shape well because your body shape are not easy to maintain.

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